Technical Data Sheet

is a dry mortar mix with controlled swelling effect to provide a non-shrinking, homogeneous and smoke gas-tight fire
seal free of cracks for cable penetrations.

Composition is a blend of inorganic binders, fillers and
lightweight aggregates, interlaced with special additives.
Colour red

Bulk density - approx. 600 g/l

pH-value - approx. 12.3 (at working consistency)

Density - approx. 0.6 g/cm (cured mortar)

Compressive strength - approx. 0.6 to 0.7 N/mm


Expansion (20C/24 h) - approx. 3 Vol.-%

Workability - max. 240 minutes

Complete hardening - approx. 30 days

Minimum application temperature +5C

Cleaning of equipment water

Storage temperature -20C to +40C

Shelf life in original, closed bags at least 2 years

Packaging 25 kg multi-layer bags with polyethylene lining

Organic fire prevention sealing

Organic fire prevention sealing is a kind of organic polymer materials as the
main ingredient, has a certain plasticity and flexibility, the case of Tan, can form a solid
insulating layer of fire blocking material. For electric power, petroleum, petrochemical,
metallurgy, communications, construction and other industries such as cables and
pipes through holes, cracks in the wall of fire retardant cover with fire-resistant for a long time, water, oil, corrosion resistance, Fire resistance smoke, anti-small animals Characteristics, and good thermal conductivity. The product is convenient for construction, replacement, change the cable easily, generally with other sealing material (such as inorganic fire blocking materials, fire retardant packages, etc.) used in combination, especially for cable or cable bundles and cable, the cable With other objects blocking the gaps between the fire

Construction Method
1. The first implementation of Fire sealing parts need to clean up dirt, appropriate

cables and clean the surface finishing oil, and dust.

2. Type sealing rub evenly, with the right tools to shop (embedded) in the
required plugging the gap. In case of low temperatures, sealing hard, it can be placed in warm water and heat until soft, then designate construction.

3. Sealing large holes, it can fire with the inorganic sealing materials for use.




Inorganic fire prevention sealing/stuffing
Inorganic fire blocking material is a kind of inorganic material powder as the main ingredient of solid non-combustible materials, the construction of the water column and must be better than cure quickly mixed. Used in electric power,petroleum, petrochemical, metallurgy, communications, construction and other industries through the holes in the cable fire blocking, and can effectively prevent the penetration and flame retardant. The product has high strength, fire resistance for a long time, corrosion-resistant, odorless, easy construction, etc.Inorganic fire prevention sealing/stuffing

Construction Method
1. according to the size to be plugging holes, estimate the amount of blocking material.
2. the blocking material and water mixed at the ratio of 1:0.6-0.7, stirring into a uniform slurry, then immediately use. Construction must be in strict accordance with the gray water ratio 1:0.6-0.7 operation.
3. sealing holes larger, steel frame reinforcement can be used to increase strength. Plugging in the cable hole, and organic fire blocking materials construction, better fire protection.

Storage Method
The product powder material to be sealed container or plastic bag, stored in ventilated and dry place to prevent damp agglomeration affect the results. Storage period of 6 months.





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