Control Cables differ from Power Cables in their application, they are used to carry control signals of low power strength, but can be subjected to severe working temperature conditions like heaters, boilers and can be exposed to oil, chemicals and other solvents. The wide range of control cables offered by us are used for electrical distribution system such as generating stations, sub-stations, industrial applications, indoor outdoor projects. We can also provide the customized range of the control cable as per the specifications, detailed by our clients.

Power Cables (Armoured / Unarmoured – PVC / XLPE)

We have a wide range of Armoured Cables, Armoured Power Cables, Armoured Electrical Cables, PVC Armoured Cables and XLPE Armoured Cables. XLPE means cross-linked polyethylene or vulcanized polyethylene.


The basic material is low density polyethylene. Polyethylene is a thermoplastic material consisting of long chain of hydrocarbon molecules. At elevated temperatures these molecules tend to move relative to one another so that the material becomes increasingly deformable and will eventually melt at the temperature around 110°C.

By means of process similar to the vulcanization of rubber the polyethylene molecules can be cross-linked. The process of cross-linking or vulcanization consists of producing chemical bonds at interval between the long molecular chain to give a “ladder” effect which prevents slippage between molecules as a result of cross-linking the material becomes heat resistant and does not soften at higher temperatures. Further it has better resistance to stress cracking and good resistance to ageing in hot air. With the change of structure there is no adverse effect on electrical properties.

Flame resistant, halogen-free, screened cables
Cable structure Technical data
- Copper bare or stranded conductor depending on cross-section - Nominal voltage U /U 300/500 V
- Halogen-free core insulation - Test voltage A.C. core/core 500 V
- Earthing conductor – tinned Copper conductor to BS 6360 core/screening 2000 V
- Insulation integrity under direct flame propagation according to IEC 60331,

  EN 50200, BS 6387 CWZ
- Flame test to IEC 60332-3&1, EN 50266-2, BS 4066 PT3, BS 5839-1:2003
- Smoke density to IEC 61034, EN 50268, BS 7622
- Halogen-free to IEC 60754, EN 50267, BS 6425
- Low corrosiveness of combustion gases to IEC 60754, EN 50267, BS 6425


These flame-resistant cables are used for all locations where a special protection against fire and fire damage is necessary for human life and equipment in industry complexes, power stations, public buildings, hotels, airports, subways, theatres, hospitals etc. Due to low capacity in relation of core/core to core-screening, this cable is suitable for electrical circuits of lagre systems where low capacity of electrical circuits when installing large lenghts of cables is important.

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