Gully covers and gratings serving the purpose of load bearing

and water flow.


FRP Manhole Covers are free from the fear of theft, as this material cannot be sold on weight basis & is non re-processable.

FRP Manhole Covers are easily handleable without risk of injury.
FRP Manhole Covers are lightweight and can be handled by a single

   person during maintenance & cleaning of the drains.
FRP Manhole Covers are corrosion resistant and are not affected by sewage,

  Chemical, & sea water hence they do not rust.
FRP Manhole Covers have a long service life.
FRP Manhole Covers are high on aesthetics & can be offered in various


The top structure of FRP Manhole Covers is highly abrasion resistant, which

   makes it highly effective as an ideal usage on roads & highways.

FRP Manhole Covers are available with locking arrangement, to avoid

  displacement of the same in case of water back pressure in low lying regions .

FRP Manhole Covers are UV resistant and are not affected due to sunlight.


Considering the superior properties and the advantages over the DI/CI/RCC Manhole Covers, FRP Manhole Covers is the most cost effective and technically superior product to replace & eliminate the problems faced with the existing DI/CI/RCC Manhole Covers.







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