Glass Wool made from pure silica sand will not support combustion even in direct, prolonged contact with flames. It emits no toxic fumes or smoke, the two biggest hazards to health and life in the event of a fire. Glass wool is a complete fire safe product complying the following standards:


Environmental Performance


Glass wool is one of the most environmentally friendly, stable and sustainable insulants available. Its raw material is silica sand, the earths most abundantly occurring natural material. And its impaction the environment in manufacture, use and disposal is minimal.

Zero Ozone Depleting Potential
Minimum VOC
Uses abundant and renewable raw materials.


Temperature Range

Glass Wool is suitable for applications ranging from minus 1950
0C to 2300 0C.

For special applications upto 4500 0C, high temperature binder is available. Aluminum foil facing is suitable upto 1200 0C.

Chemical Stability

Glass Wool is chemically inert. Application does not cause or accelerate corrosion.

Glass Wool is rot proof and odorless. Conforms to IS 3144.

Shot content is nil, exceeding requirements of IS 3144 / BS 2972

No Mould growth. Conforms to IS 3144.

Moisture content and water absorption is less than 2% in accordance with IS 3144 / BS 2972.


Glass Wool superior tensile strength, handle ability, resilience, low thermal conductivity, relatively high THERMAL RESISTANCE (R Value) along with its superior Fire safe properties (Non combustible) and excellent noise reduction properties makes it suitable for a wide variety of thermal & acoustic insulation applications ranging from HVAC, metal roof and building insulation to applications in solar collectors and generator acoustic enclosures & is recommended for use both in hot & cold application ranging in temperature from -195degrees to plus 450 degrees centigrade. As insulation repels moisture and it contains nothing organic to support micro organisms, it won't sustain rot, fungi or bacteria.

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