Based on the belief that we carry black or white pebbles with us, depending on the choices we make in our lives (black pebbles represent self-focused, irresponsible decisions; white pebbles represent a life of sound, ethical choices), the White Pebble was founded to offer an ethical choice for everyday living." Purchasing sustainable clothing is not only beneficial to you, but, White Pebble believes, also benefits people all along the chain, both physically and spiritually.HT Naturals, Del Forte Denim, and Of The Earth are a few of the labels you'll find at The White Pebble. Items range in price from $22 for a basic tee to almost $200 for womens jeans. Currently all baby items are on sale for 20% off, including sale items. Shipping is free on orders over $100. The White Pebble uses 100% recycled hang-tags with soy-based inks and gift boxes made from 100% recycled cardboard.




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